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Booster Guidelines

Loyola University Chicago strives to uphold the rules and regulations set forth by the NCAA by providing a framework that allows for the pursuit of excellence by the Loyola community while maintaining the highest level of integrity. This can only be accomplished with the support of our alumni, boosters and friends.

Who is a Representative of Athletics Interests (Booster)?

  • An individual who participated in or as a member of any organization promoting Loyola Athletics
  • An individual who made a donation of money, gifts or services to any Loyola Athletics program
  • An individual who has ever arranged employment for prospective or current student-athletes
  • An individual involved in promoting Loyola Athletics in any way
  • An individual who was a member of a varsity team at Loyola
  • Parents and legal guardians of an enrolled or former student-athlete

You maintain the title of representative of athletics interest for life

Loyola University Chicago is responsible for the actions of all representatives of athletics interest with regards to NCAA rules and regulations. If you are aware of any infractions of the NCAA or Horizon League rules we ask that you inform the Compliance Office at (773) 508-2719 immediately. Violations, even when unintentional, need to be reported to the NCAA. Violations of NCAA rules can result in serious sanctions against the University and in the disassociation from the Loyola University Chicago Athletics Department of the representatives responsible for committing the infraction(s).

Members of the athletics staff and representatives of athletics interests are prohibited from providing an extra benefit to a prospective or current student-athlete. An extra benefit is any gift or arrangement provided to a prospective or current student-athlete or their relative or friend, that is not expressly permitted by the NCAA. An extra benefit would include the provision of any transportation, housing, meals, clothes, entertainment, preferential loan terms or other such benefits. In addition, boosters (not including parents or legal guardians) cannot provide financial aid to student-athletes.

What can a representative of athletics interest do?

Permissible activities with prospective student-athletes:

  • You may continue to have contact with an established family friend or neighbor who is a prospect as long as such contact is not for recruiting purposes and is not initiated by a Loyola coaching staff member.
  • You may bring outstanding prospects to the attention of the Loyola coaching staff by sending the coach newspaper clippings and other information about the individual.
  • You may assist a prospective student-athlete who has signed a National Letter of Intent with securing employment the summer before he/she enrolls at Loyola. All arrangements of employment must be made through the Athletics Department.
Permissible activities with current student-athletes:
  • You may have contact with enrolled student-athletes on campus.
  • You may invite a student-athlete(s) or the entire team for a meal at your home and provide transportation to the event. The meal, which may be catered, should be limited to infrequent or special occasions (holidays, birthday, etc.) Please seek permission from the Compliance Office first.
  • You may invite an entire team for a meal when they are visiting your city for an away from home athletics event. When the team is on the road, this meal may take place at the booster's home or at a restaurant, but must include the entire team.
  • You may assist a student-athlete with securing summer and post-graduation employment. All arrangements of employment must be made through the Athletics Department.
  • You may contribute to the Rambler Fund. This fund helps subsidize the University's commitment to providing a quality athletics experience to more than 200 student-athletes annually.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to: Molly Sullivan, Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance, at msullivan10@luc.edu or (773) 508-2719.