Loyola Spirit Program an Essential Element of Rambler Athletics

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The Rambler Cheer and Dance Teams are administered through the Loyola University Chicago Athletic Department. The teams' foremost purpose is to support Loyola Athletics, enhancing game excitement and crowd involvement. Above all, the Loyola Spirit Program offers the opportunity to enjoy a collegiate level athletic activity and make life-lasting friendships with fellow athletes.

The spirit program consists of two teams committed to promoting Rambler Athletics through creating a cooperative spirit between the teams, the student body and the athletics community. The cheerleaders and the dance team work together in support of Rambler athletics teams.

The teams perform at all men's and women's home basketball games and at all tournament play. Team members are required to participate in any games that may occur over the holiday breaks. We perform at other selected athletic events, as well as pep rallies, alumni functions, parades and philanthropic events. The Loyola Spirit Teams have made appearances on the Jenny Jones Show and on Oprah's Favorite Things.

Tryouts are held twice a year. There is a required clinic prior to each tryout to learn the material.

Criteria for applicants:

1. Full-time undergraduate students attending Loyola University Chicago at the time of the tryout may participate.
2. Undergraduate status must be maintained both semesters during the actual year of participation if the student is selected.
3. The applicant must maintain a minimum of 12 hours of undergraduate study per semester.
4. A minimum 2.0 GPA is required.
5. Each applicant must have completed a parent information form including medical history and insurance information and must have been cleared before the season begins.


The Spirit Team administration reserves the right to refuse a tryout or a position to any person for reasons of academic deficiencies or violations against the University's standards of conduct, any past performances which dishonored the Intercollegiate Athletics Program, or physical liability.

The length of service for a Spirit Team member is one year from the time of selection or until the April tryout. For those selected in April, this will include all spring and summer commitments. Commitments include, but are not limited to, intercollegiate athletics events, practice, summer pre-camp, NCA/NDA summer camp and competitions. Team members may also be called upon to participate at alumni functions, public-relations events and fundraisers. Every attempt will be made to balance time commitments.

Although the teams have been selected to cheer for men's and women's basketball, the ultimate emphasis is on the support of Loyola University Chicago's total intercollegiate athletics program.

The Spirit Team squads practice three times per week. There is also a regular commitment to team workouts for strength building and conditioning.

The Dance Team members will be selected on the basis of athleticism, personality, enthusiasm and dance ability. The Cheer Team will include all of the above, adding both cheerleading and gymnastic skill. The Cheer Team consists of up to 18 male and female members. The cheerleaders incorporate partner stunting and tumbling skills with traditional yells and chants to cheer Loyola to a victory every time!

The Dance Team consists of 10-18 members. The performance style of the team includes, but is not limited to, pom, jazz and hip-hop. Our Dance Team consists of energetic, highly motivated members that help keep Rambler fans in the game. The team also represents Loyola University Chicago at the NDA College Dance Team Championship, where it finished among the top eight teams in Division I Pom the last three years.

Uniforms, footwear and accessories are provided by the University.

For more information about the Spirit Teams, please contact Kaneidra Everson at (773) 819-0582.