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Following The Ramblers In Italy: Como Blog
Actor George Clooney's home is one of the many villas located along Lake Como
Lake Como Photo Gallery

Aug. 21, 2012

After not returning to the hotel until after midnight following last night's victory over Zepa Marostica in a non-air conditioned arena that had temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, the Loyola men's basketball team boarded the bus this morning (Tuesday), bound for Como.

Upon arrival in Como after the nearly four-hour drive, which also included a stop for lunch, the Ramblers checked into their hotel which is just steps from the picturesque Lake Como and headed for the boat dock for a private tour of the lake with Elena, our fabulous and accommodating tour guide who has been with us from day one in Rome and who also happens to be a native and current resident of Como.

Needless to say, Elena and Lake Como didn't let the team down. Everyone was awed by the beauty of the lake during our one-hour ride to Bellagio, and Elena also pointed out many of the interesting sights along the way, including the former Versace villa, and homes also belonging to Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Records, and actor George Clooney. The afternoon tour also included the sighting of villas where scenes from movies such as Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Ocean's Twelve and Casino Royale were filmed.

After cruising around picturesque Lake Como (see the photo gallery link above), which has a depth of nearly 1,200 feet, for an hour, the boat docked at Bellagio. There the team got a chance to walk around for an hour and shop, eat, and take in the great views before making the hour-long ride back to Como.

By the time the boat docked back in Como just across the street from the hotel, everyone was free to pick a restaurant of their choosing for dinner and enjoy a nice summer night in Italy, the last free night before the Ramblers head back to Chicago bright and early Thursday morning following Wednesday's final game against Legnano Basket.



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