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Men's Basketball Blog #2: Joe Crisman
Joe Crisman and his Rambler teammates host Ferris State in an exhibition contest on Nov. 3

Oct. 30, 2012


This past weekend the team had our first competition, a scrimmage. Practices have been going great, but it was even better to play against someone new for a change. Overall, the team did some very good things and the scrimmage was a great opportunity to challenge where we were at as a team against a new opponent. I said this in the last blog, and I will continue to say it throughout my entries, but the focus is going to be on defense all year long. It will be an emphasis each and every day because defense is what is going to bring this team to the top of the Horizon League. The scrimmage allowed us to see our strengths and where we need to continue to improve upon defensively.


Last Thursday night I got a text from one of our assistant coaches asking me if I wanted to represent the team with Ben Averkamp at the tip-off luncheon at Harry Caray's restaurant. My immediate first thought was, "YES. Amazing food. What time do I have to be there?" The next day came, and I woke up, put on some dress clothes, and went downtown for my morning classes. After class, Ben and I walked a few blocks to the restaurant with empty stomachs. When I got there, my mind immediately changed and I was not thinking about what was on the menu anymore. Instead, I was just taken aback by the full room of supporters, alumni, and true fans that came out to be a part of what we do and stand for as a basketball team. I felt honored to be there, and I was nothing but grateful for all the people that I was introduced to, and the support that we received as a team. Don't get me wrong, the food was outstanding, but the support and following the coaches and our respective programs received was unlike anything that I have seen or felt before. So I just want to take this time to say thank you again to all those people. Your support is felt and I can speak for everyone on the team and in our program as to how much it means to us all.


As always, my parents were in attendance for the luncheon. They will always be there supporting me, and I can never say thank you enough to them as well. Mom was waiting for me at the restaurant with some snacks and clothes from home and I have to admit that she does a great job of spoiling me and saving me some time with doing some of my laundry. My dad was also there and asked me how things were going at practice and told me to keep working hard. He's the one that's been there since I first started playing basketball and stayed with me on those long nights we would sneak into the gym to get more shots up after my school practice. Again, I just cannot say thank you enough to my parents and all our fans.


We are starting to prepare for our first match-up of the year coming up this Saturday. We'll play Ferris State in an exhibition game, and they are a very good team that we know and are ready to challenge us. As always, we will have the best scout ready for us, and we are all excited to get the year going. Again, the game is this Saturday in Gentile Arena, and I'm looking forward to seeing you all there.




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