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Men's Basketball Blog Entry #3: Jordan Hicks
Jordan Hicks and the Ramblers open the 2011-12 season at Illinois Friday night

Nov. 7, 2011

It has been a long couple of weeks. I apologize for the week hiatus (I'm sure many of you didn't even notice) but I am glad to be back!

This week had a lot of first-game jitters and anxiousness in it, especially for our freshmen. Saturday's game against Benedictine marked the first official game of the season for us, and the first game of our freshmen's college careers. For two of the freshmen (Joe Crisman and Christian Thomas), this marked their first career starts as well. I can remember the first game I started like it was yesterday; I had butterflies in my stomach from the minute I woke up. During class all I could envision was the game and what I would do. I've never really asked anyone about it but I know I'm not the only person that daydreams about playing in a game like they're a NBA All-Star. Up until game time that was exactly what I did. I thought I would Be Like Mike out there, but obviously that wasn't quite the case! However, with the first two points of the game I felt the weight on my shoulders was gone.

I just wanted to say that as a veteran, I felt that Joe Crisman, Christian Thomas, and London Dokubo carried themselves well and kept their composure. I felt the need to give my youngins' a shout-out because they deserve it, but there's a long road ahead and I know we're only going to get better as a team.

I hope everyone is as excited as we are for the big game against the Fighting Illini this Friday and hopefully a few of you plan to come cheer us on down in Champaign. Otherwise you can watch the game live on Big Ten This will be quite the test for our first official game of the season but I know the coaches will have us more than well prepared with the tools to win and we definitely will have the heart to win. See everybody Friday!


Jordan Hicks



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