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Men's Basketball Blog Entry #5: Jordan Hicks
Jordan Hicks and the Ramblers will play their first game in the renovated Gentile Arena this weekend

Nov. 21, 2011

"The problems of victory are more agreeable than the problems of defeat, but they are no less difficult". - Winston Churchill

Being the history buff that I am I had found this quote by Winston Churchill and felt it to be fitting to our team and simply sports in general. Winning isn't easy, it takes a lot of sacrifice, but it's those teams that know how to win that end up being successful. This is something that I really believe pertains to us because we are a young team willing to make those sacrifices for success. Every team takes their bumps and bruises but it's the ones that learn from them and continue to work hard and get better that will be successful. Even though my opinion is obviously biased I know what this team is capable of and the burn in each and every one of our belly's not to break and continue to work for success is enormous.

With that said, the only other thing on my mind is coming home to a beautiful, brand new arena. This Saturday, November 26, marks the date of our home opener in the newly renovated Gentile Arena. I hope you're as excited as me because I absolutely cannot wait to take the court and get our first win in the new arena. Although, this wouldn't be possible without the help of the brilliant Fr. Garanzini, it is because of him that we are very lucky to be playing in the new arena this season. Father signed off for the arena to be worked on around the clock and be ready to go for the 2011-2012 season. Speaking for the whole team (especially the seniors) and even the students, I cannot express how thankful we are to have this magnificent arena and other state of the art facilities. So thank you Fr. Garanzini and all the other people that made these new facilities possible!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Whether you are spending the day with your family or friends, be thankful.

Jordan Hicks



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