Men's Soccer

Men's Soccer Blog Entry #1: Peter McKeown
Peter McKeown is a senior goalkeeper on the men's soccer team this season.

Sept. 1, 2011


Hello Rambler Nation.  Welcome to the first installment of my blog where I am going to be filling you in on life as a student-athlete at Loyola University Chicago. 

Throughout the season, I'm going to try and cover just about everything I can think of, including, but not limited to:



            -team travels

            -funny things that happen in the locker room

            -serious things that happen in the weight room

            -maybe some pump-up play-lists


The first major thing I'd like to bring to your attention is all the major changes going on with Loyola Athletics.

If you are familiar with the Ramblers and check up on their athletic page regularly, then I'm sure you have already heard about our new facilities, athletic director, media people, coaches, etc.

All of these changes have brought a forward-moving energy to our hard working athletic community.

As for the soccer team, we felt and saw this energy put into action in our first home match against Drake.

When we strolled into "the ville," as I like to call it, we had to weave between shuttle buses waiting to take students out to the field for a pre-game pep rally/tailgate. 

This was a huge move on the athletic department's part to show their new commitment to each team. 

Our field is about a mile west of campus. In a city landscape, it can be a daunting trip for students who aren't too comfortable looking up CTA bus schedules. 

When our team got to the field for warm-ups, the atmosphere on the south end of the field was fantastic.

The band was teaching everyone the school's fight song, and people were running back and forth from the tailgate grills.  There were so many fans at the rally, we had to ask some to move out of the goal area so we could warm up. 

When Brian scored our first goal to tie the game, the roar from the crowd was a sound I could see myself getting used to. 

Unfortunately, that game didn't go our way.  However, with us putting in the hard work during practice, and with the athletic department working behind the scenes, I know there will be plenty more opportunities throughout the season to hear that roar again. 

And with our brand new deal with Nike, we'll look good doing it too!

The Song I listened to before the game

Loyola v. Drake

"I have loved you wrong" by The Swell Season.

It's not that much of a "get your heart going/pump-up tune", but it sets a nice mood to focus for a full 90 minutes.  Oh my mind...oh my mind..


Talk to you after our trip to Portland!




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