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Men's Soccer Blog #3

Sept. 21, 2012

Soccer has changed a lot throughout its history. Tactics, training regimens, equipment, and more have all advanced with an increase in knowledge and technology. One thing that has remained constant, however, is the unique hairstyles of soccer players.

As I grew up in the 90s I bear witness to the massive blonde perm of Carlos Valderrama, distinctive dredlocks of Cobi Jones, curly mullet of Roberto Baggio, and the fiery mane and goatee of Alexi Lalas.

While it appears as the revolutionaries of the 1990s were under the impression that bigger was better, today that is not the case. The 2000s were a time of experimentation. David Beckham had a different hairdo every other game, while other high profile players such as Ronaldo and Cisse tried interesting cuts as well.

As we enter into the present there seems to be a reccurring trend of the best players in the world showing off not just their foot skills, but their hairstyles too. This trend is making its way into Loyola men’s soccer as well. Let’s take a look at a few of the more distinctive hairstyles on the team.

Peter McKeown is known around Loyola for many things: being the goalie of the men’s soccer team, a fifth year senior, a member of the band Mundelein, and, last but not least, his hair. Peter started growing out his hair freshman year of college and did not get it cut until junior year. His locks were immaculate. If you ask Pete about his hair he chooses to remain modest saying his flowing mane was not by choice, but rather due to a haircut-phobia. After a quick stint with short hair, Peter decided to grow it out again and hasn’t changed it since then. Some people compare him to Fabio, but I like to compare his story to the Old Testament figure Samson. Like Samson, Peter’s strength and goalkeeping ability undeniably come from his hair.

Brian Bement is new to the hairstyle trend. Throughout his life he has sported a thick bushy cut. This changed a couple of weeks ago when Brian happened upon his current look while experimenting with a fauxhawk. He liked what he saw, and in classic Bement style decided to get it sculpted into a permanent soccer fauxhawk.

Tim Dobrowolski is another member of the team who has chosen to try something new. Dobro was born in Germany in the small town of Bad Saeckingen but moved to the United States shortly after his birth. Tim is now on a quest to get back to his German roots. He is currently learning how to speak German and more importantly, decided to cut his hair in the same style of German National team member Mario Gomez.

It was my experimental “Brek Shea” look that served as inspiration for this blog. I have had the same haircut since I was born. While attending private grade schools and high schools I was never allowed to grow my hair out or style it in a unique way. This pent up frustration led to my impromptu decision to get the “Brek Shea” cut.  While watching the United States men’s national team play Jamaica last Tuesday, I received a text from Tyler Cruikshank that read, “Dude get the Brek Shea haircut.” After about thirty seconds of contemplation the decision was made to get my haircut the next day. I like to think the new style brought the team luck last Friday as we got the win over IPFW.    




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