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Men's Soccer Blog #4
Reed Patterson

Oct. 3, 2012

Inspiration comes from many different things: art, music, culture, and accomplishments. Anything can inspire a person. I get inspiration from all of the above, and from a few of my favorite soccer players. One player that inspires me most is Frank Lampard. As an avid Chelsea fan, watching him play every week during the Premiership inspires me to play as much as possible and become better. I believe that his talent and dedication is something every player can look up to.

But soccer isn't the only thing that inspires me. This past summer I was fortunate enough to travel through Europe for six weeks and experience culture across six different countries. Each country has its own unique set of standards and mannerisms that create an environment special to its culture. Walking through an art gallery in Barcelona differs greatly from the old Roman style of art featured in Italy, like Michelangelo's mural of The Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel. Taking four years to construct such a beautiful work of art is an amazing feat and standing beneath the mural itself is something that I will never forget. Even a more modern artist like Banksy, the "Robin Hood" of graffiti artists, is inspiring. He continues to produce artwork that challenges political and social norms and is one of the most wanted artists in this generation who continues to fight for what he believes in. To me, someone who can challenge society and fight for a cause is very inspirational.

Music also serves as an inspiration to me with some of my favorite artists ranging from Erykah Badu to Jamiroquai, Adele, and The Black Keys. One of my favorite music videos is Sebastian's "Embody". Watching all of the different types of dancing in the video - ballet, hip-hop, tap dance - is creative and thought provoking.

The inspiration I have found from the experiences that I have creates my own style and game that is unique only to me. Every day brings new inspiration, and translating it into my game every time I step out onto the field is something I always strive to do. I am able to take away at least one thing from all of my experiences and translate it into my own style. The creativeness that is involved in each experience and translating it to the field is what creates such a beautiful game. There will always be a different style in football, from Brazilian to Spanish, Italian, French, English, and American because of the way culture changes players. It is from each of these individual cultures that I take something to translate into my own game.

- Reed Patterson



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