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Men's Soccer Blog Entry #3: Peter McKeown
The Ramblers will honor McKeown alnd the rest of the team's graduating seniors before the match on Saturday.

Oct. 11, 2011


There are two games in the game of soccer.  The first is the actual game.  The one team vs. the other team. 

The other game is a little more unpredictable.

The home fans vs. the away team. 

Home fans come in all different types, there are the places that have the huge organized student sections all standing behind the keeper taunting the whole time.

There are places that don't have much to say but try anyway, (one time someone creatively yelled out, "Hey Keeper, you're fat.") but most schools understand it is all in good fun, and are very talented about taunting with a light spirit and add a lot to the atmosphere of the game. 

I thought I'd take this blog post to look back at a couple of my favorite taunts/chants of crowds that I've encountered in my time as a Rambler.

My favorite experience may have been Maryland my sophomore year.

The year before we visited, the Terps won the National Championship and had lots of fan support because of it. 

There were about 100 fans behind me when the opening kick-off was taking place.  As soon as the whistle blew a voice from the crowd addressed me as loud as he could without his voice cracking,

"Hey, Ashley! (thats what they called me because my hair was long at the time) My name is Dave, and this is my crew .  We are going to make the next 90 minutes the hardest time of your life!"

They followed that with many chants about me, my favorite being, "wash, rinse, repeat...wash, rinse, repeat..." 

My very first experience of a large student section was my sophomore year when we traveled to Creighton in the first game of the year, and the first game I ever played in.

Creighton has a great stadium and is well known across the country for being a solid program with a lot of fan support. 

That first game introduced me to a chant that has quickly become one of my favorite games to play with a crowd. 

When the action is down at the other end of the field, the fans will yell, "right, left, right, left.."  in response to which foot I am stepping on at the time.

After the crowd gets into a rhythm, I like seeing how well they are paying attention and step on the same foot twice, or shuffle the steps.  Its a great way to address the crowd without actually saying anything to them, because once you say something to a crowd, you cross an unwritten boundary in sport. 


As an athlete in a spectator sport, you are there to put on a show.  Of course number one priority is that you are there to compete to the best of your ability, and try to come away with a W. 

However, while doing that, athletes learn how to play the game within the game.  This includes celebrations after goals, big plays (the Mutombo Finger wave), waving the arms at big moments to get fans to cheer loud, etc. 

This week Rambler Nation has two opportunities to come be a part of this great tradition.

Wednesday we play  Eastern Illinois, and Saturday is our senior game vs. Detroit Mercy.  


Talk to you guys soon,





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