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Men's Volleyball Blog #6: Torey Darin
Torey Darin

March 15, 2013

There is very little that I have not yet divulged to you, my devoted readers. Team dynamics, what it means to win and lose, all that good stuff. Something, however (that has been itching me), that it eludes my ability to describe, is how our team, and all people in their respective skills for that matter, has the motivation to continue. To continue despite constant cankerous blows to your moral, body, and mind.

Let me try, if I might, to describe it as best as I can. The memories of my long volleyball career sit in the recess of my mind. I remember being at practice for Balboa Bay Volleyball Club. I was around 16 years old and much less talented and strong as I am today. I remember struggling in my head, to hit the ball with any pace or power. I tried over and over, but my attacks were feeble, easily dug and sent back over the net. Frustrated, my day seemed ruined. During the middle of a drill, I threw up my arms and approached my coach.

“What am I doing wrong?” I said, hoping to gain insight into my problem.

“You aren’t doing anything wrong,” he said, as he continued with the drill. “You just can’t hit at all.”

He wasn’t trying to insult me or break my spirits. He was just being honest. Funny, the worst day of my volleyball career came when my coach told me I was doing everything perfectly. But, I worked my rear end off and made it to the big leagues. Finally, at a D-1 college. But my satisfaction does not end here. It never ends.

I think it is at these moments that people strive to achieve something greater than what they believe they can do. It’s our goal every year to win the MIVA, but every year we come short. Maybe we aren’t as good as we think. Perhaps we are doing everything the right way, but we just are not strong enough to beat the Ohio States and Lewis’ when it counts.

Phooey! Phooey I say. Each loss, each win, on each and every day is only motivation for us to get better. Beating Lewis was a joy. They haven’t lost at home since 2011. We broke their 13-game winning streak. Not to mention that they were ranked seventh in the nation! Great job us, but we can do better.

So I say to everyone who has ever had a great day: Do not look at how great your day was. Instead, look at how much better you can do with tomorrow’s day.

Come out and support us tonight against St. Francis and Monday night against Princeton.

-Torey Darin



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