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Women's Basketball Blog Entry #9: Gabby Micek
Gabby Micek takes a look back at last week's trip to Detroit and Wright State in this week's blog entry

Feb. 9, 2012

CHICAGO - I must apologize for my weeklong hiatus as I have been battling a nasty case of the flu and have felt pretty under the weather for the past few days.

But if there was anything that would have helped me feel better last week, it would have been winning our games in both Detroit and Dayton, and a little Skyline Chili (props to the Kortekamp family for that) but that's beside the point. On Thursday against Detroit, we didn't come out with the same fervor we normally do and thus suffered the consequences with a loss. Losing one on the road and having to then travel to another city 3 more hours away can be pretty taxing on a team. It would take a group of individuals who have the strength of character and mental toughness to get themselves through it and move on to play the next game as if it were the last. Lucky for us, our team is full of those people. We came out against Wright State with the Rambler pride that we had failed to bring in our previous game, and ended up beating the second-place team in the Horizon League.

Last week's road trip was the last long trip we will have this year, with the rest of our games being either at home or no more than a couple hours away. This coming Thursday we play Cleveland State and Saturday we play Youngstown State at home. This will give our team a pretty big advantage, giving us the extra rest we all need. I seem to have gotten a few other people on the team sick, however we realize that part of being a collegiate athlete is having both the physical and mental toughness to fight through adversity. Neither Cleveland State nor Youngstown State will care that we are sick. They wont take it easy on us simply because we are not feeling 100%. Instead both of these teams will come out desperate to beat us after we handed them each losses in the first round of Horizon League play.

This coming week our team will be at an advantage for both of our games. We will be playing at home, playing teams who we previously beat, and will be coming off a great win at Wright State. However, Cleveland State and Youngstown State will both come out with a tenacity that we have to match. It's our house and it's our time to defend it and that's exactly what we are going to do.

When I report back to you next week (unless I become deathly ill again) we will have taken down Ohio and I will be starring alongside David Beckham in his Super Bowl ad for next year.

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