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Women's Basketball Blog Entry #10: Gabby Micek
Gabby Micek and Loyola hit the road for two Horizon League games this week

Feb. 15, 2012

CHICAGO - Consistency of effort has been an underlying theme for us throughout the season. If you have been watching our games, you can probably tell that there has been a bit of inconsistency in the way we play. One day we beat the second-best team in the league, and the next we lose to the second-worst.

Anyone can come out and work extremely hard and play extremely well one day. The best people, the great ones, are the ones who come out and do it on the 100th day, or the 200th day. These are the people who are consistently good. You have to figure out how hard you are going to work for every game, every workout, and every practice. Consistency of effort has to become part of your character.

No matter if we are playing the best team in the league or the worst, it is up to us to determine what it takes each and every day for us to come out and play our best as a team.

As for this past weekend, again our consistency of effort was lacking. Thursday night we lost to Cleveland State, a team who we had beaten previously in the season. I know that waking up early Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday can have an effect on us, and I know that it is easier said than done to come out hard each and every day. However, when we signed to play at Loyola we made it official that we would give our all no matter what. We promised our parents, our coaches, the athletic department, our fans, and each other, that to the best of our ability, we would try to bring this program to the next level.

On Saturday we seemed to have realized that it would take a lot to win, and we came out and beat Youngstown State. A promising win, being that we have been fighting each other to claim the 5th spot in the league.

This coming week we travel to Indianapolis Thursday to play Butler (and hopefully steal some of Brad Stevens tournament magic), and Saturday we will be playing at Valparaiso. In the first half of the league we beat Valpo, but ended up losing to Butler, a game in which we had a 17-point lead in the first half.

When I report back to you next week, we will have beaten Butler (for the first time in my career) as well as Valparaiso. The Valpo game will be a homecoming for Lisa Samplawski and Abby Skube, so I know both of them will come begging for my tickets on the pass list. If there are four people coming to our game in Valpo, let me know so I don't have to give my tickets to one of Skube's 25 siblings or Lisa's 15 cats.

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