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Women's Basketball Blog Entry #4: Gabby Micek

Nov. 26, 2011

Team chemistry. Ask any of my teammates what the "Secret" is and that is what they will tell you. After working so hard in the pre-season we knew that our offense and defense would come, but it was camaraderie which would ultimately will us to win. It isn't enough for all of us to like each other; instead we knew that we would need to become a family. Standing here after our fourth game, and being 3-1, I can tell you that we've got it.

Starting out 3-0, we knew that there would be a target on our backs. Who doesn't like to beat the unbeaten? After a tough couple of practices leading into our game against Eastern Michigan, we felt prepared for the type of pressure that they would throw at us, and we were. Even though we lost the game, our team definitely took some steps, actually leaps, forward.

Following our game on Sunday we had a much-needed rest and recovery day on Monday. Although I always want my off day to last as long as possible, yesterday was different. Halfway through the day we got a text saying that we would have our first practice in the new Gentile arena on Tuesday. I could hardly wait. Halas has been good to us, but there's nothing like practicing for the first time in a brand new facility!

We will be practicing hard in the new gym this week in order to get ourselves ready for our trip out to Seattle for a tournament. As we watch our roommates pack up their things to go home for Thanksgiving, our team will be preparing for our first game against Akron on Friday. I'm excited to get to the West coast (the Best Coast) and see my parents, and also bring home two wins!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


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