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Women's Basketball Blog #2: Gabby Micek
Gabby Micek will be blogging all season about Loyola's women's basketball squad

Nov. 28, 2012

As most of the school left for the Thanksgiving holiday last Wednesday, our team was busy preparing for the two games that we would play over the break. The first game we played was at home against Northern Kentucky. Being that the game was at home we knew that it was crucial that we protect our house. After a hard fought game, and a great scoring effort by Monica Albano, we ended up beating Northern Kentucky and had the next day, Thanksgiving, off.

Many of us were able to head home for the holiday and enjoy a day full of family time, turkey, and in my case, a few too many pieces of pumpkin pie. Although we definitely enjoyed our day off, we knew that when we came back on Friday we would need to buckle down and prepare for a good Big 10 team, our cross-town rival Northwestern.

Although we prepared well for our game, we simply lacked the fervor, and the flawless execution it takes to upset a good team on their home court. We broke down defensively, giving up way too many fast break points and allowing them to go on runs without retaliation.

In our practices, we do so well at not allowing transition points, and are constantly held accountable if we make this mistake. It's interesting that something that we go over so many times in practice isn't just second nature to us during the game. This is because there are so many factors involved in the game of basketball, more than just rebounds and points and stats you can count, but also confidence and the will to play hard for every play. No matter who you are, it's difficult to win if you don't believe that you can.

Despite how ugly the game against Northwestern was, there is always something that can be taken away from the loss. In this case, our team realizes that if we are going to prove people wrong and beat teams that we aren't "supposed" to, then we need to make sure that each and every day we come in with the confidence it takes to succeed.

We will be able to take the lessons we learned this past holiday weekend and use them on the court this coming Friday when we travel to Northern Illinois. We will definitely bring a win home with us, unlike the Bears when they traveled to San Francisco to play my 49ers!



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