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Women's Basketball Blog #3: Gabby Micek
Gabby Micek will be blogging all season about Loyola's women's basketball squad

Dec. 8, 2012

If you've ever played a sport you can probably remember back to a game where your team had an off-night and lost when you undoubtedly should have won. A night when your execution, both on the offensive and defensive ends, just doesn't click.

Maybe it was because you turned the ball over too many times, missed easy layups, or perhaps you went 4 for 10 from the free throw line. For our team, Wednesday night was that game.

After an abysmal loss simply walking back to the locker room is a dreadful feeling. Knowing that you did not play to the best of your ability, and let an important win slip away isn't something anyone wants to feel.

After our game against Western Illinois, which marked our third loss in a row, one of our coaches left us with the quote "when nothing changes, nothing changes."

If we want to continue on this losing streak then we can continue doing - or not doing - the actions that are causing the losses. Things as simple as not communicating on defense or not being in the right spot on offense are holding us back from winning.

Now is the time where we can implode and start to lose morale or we can stick together and fight through the adversity and make sure that something changes.

We will head to Nebraska to play UNO on Saturday afternoon, which will be a great test for our team. Will we be able to stop this losing streak and come together to win a tough game on the road? I do believe we will.

I am especially excited to head to Nebraska where I will be able to have some familiar faces in the stands. Being that my dad grew up in Omaha (yes, Becca Smith, people do live there, it isn't just cornfields) I have a lot of family there and I cannot wait to see them all!



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