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Women's Basketball Blog #4: Gabby Micek
Gabby looks back at finals week and ahead to Chicago State in this week's blog

Dec. 21, 2012

Our team needs a win; it's as simple as that. On Tuesday night we played a really good DePaul team at home. We were up by two at halftime but seemed to fall apart in the second half - but why?

Well, let's go back to our game prior to DePaul in Nebraska. We flew back from Omaha on Sunday and the first day of finals was on Monday, a very quick turnaround. Finals week is a draining period for everyone, but especially a student-athlete. Having to balance both classes as well as continuing to bring energy and focus to practice can be very difficult. However, this is what we signed up for.

Being a senior, I have somewhat learned how to manage my time. I know that a quick cram session two hours before the final won't get you the grade you want, well, sometimes it will, but that's beside the point. I have learned that in order to bring your full attention and precision to both practice and your tests, you can't stay up all night drinking coffee. Instead, you need to treat it like a normal week.

Basketball has helped all of us to have much better time management, and finals week is definitely a test of not only what we have learned in our classes, but how we will apply the mental toughness that we have learned through basketball.

After a rough finals week, for me at least, it was suddenly the last day of finals, and the day of the DePaul game. We had been gearing up for seven practices in a row, so you would think we would be prepared. DePaul didn't care that we had finals the week before, they didn't care that our brains were tired, they just wanted to come in and get a win. We played amazing in the first half led by Taylor Johnson and Abby Skube, but the stress and anxiety from the week before seemed to catch up with us in the second half, and DePaul ran away with the win.

This is the reason that our team needs a win. We have now lost five games in a row, the most recent one being at home, something that we pride ourselves on not letting happen. This Saturday we play Chicago State at home before we go home for three days for Christmas. It is crucial we get this win so we can all go home with our spirits high.

Merry Christmas to everyone from the entire Rambler family!



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