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Women's Golf Blog #2: Carey Farley
Carey Farley and her Rambler teammates are battling down in South Carolina during their spring break.

March 6, 2013

"DANGER, alligators live here". Excuse me? I don't think we're in Chicago anymore. We are currently in the midst of our first tournament of the spring season staying on the beautiful Kiawah Island in South Carolina. Being the low team on the totem pole after round 1 was only motivation to try harder, improve our scores, and focus on the upcoming days. This tournament has been a true test to our strength, endurance, and commitment as we were able to prove ourselves on the second day of tournament play by shaving 13 shots from day 1. I am very proud of how the team was able to rally and push through tough conditions to stay in the mix of the competition.

On the course there are many variables that are completely out of your control. You can't control if it rains, if it's windy, if you woke up with a sore back, or what your last shot just was. The only variable you can only control is your mental game. As our team chaplain constantly reiterates, "You must be in the now". This team's mental game is arguably the strongest in the field. Especially in the beginnings of a new season, getting back into the swing of things (pun intended) is crucial. We are in South Carolina now to learn, experiment, and grow as players so that we may be at peak performance when the Conference Championship is here in April!

On a lighter note, I'd like to give you all some insight on what a typical tournament day for us lady ramblers has been like so far during spring break. The morning begins with an excruciatingly early wakeup call by our charming coaches. Next, it's time for the breakfast of champions. I'm on coffee duty, Bernice Sitompul is usually weirdly eating a PB&J, Carly Schneider is slicing toast, April Ohlendorf is making sure the eggs are all set, and Alexandra Meyers and Olivia Lindsley are still sleeping (typical). Then, the van ride immediately commences with what some would call a choir of angels harmoniously singing hits like "Hold On" by Wilson Philips, "No Air" by Jordan Sparks, and "I Want You Back" by Cher Lloyd (our own personal CD will be debuting on the global charts soon).

Upon our arrival to the course, we suit up and head to the putting green. We set up our team putting drill where every lady must make a 5-foot putt in a row to spell out the word "ramblers". We'll have a quick team meeting where we share some words of advice and then say The Lord's Prayer. Then, we hit the range to get loose for the rest of the day and then it's go time!

The rest of our spring break will be nothing short of spectacular. We are scheduled to play Cassique Golf Course, The Ocean Course (yes, THE Ocean Course), and Osprey Golf Course. We're itching to shoot low for the rest of the week and stay far away from being gator bait. `Til next time, Go Ramblers!

- Carey



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