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Women's Golf Blog #3: Carey Farley
Carey Farley and her teammates are gearing up for the Saluki Invitational next weekend.

March 13, 2013

You truly must be insane to love the game the golf. Think about it, it's a game that you'll never perfect, never master, or never conquer yet you still play it continuously. Why? Just when you think you've reached excellence on the course by shooting your lowest score, golf gives you a realty check and usually very quickly I may add. It is a game that makes grown men and women cry, curse (something I've never done, as you would expect), and literally go crazy! Shooting an immaculate round of golf is an unattainable fantasy. This is why golf is unbelievably addictive and something that I crave endlessly.

Determination is everything. Overcoming countless adversities on the course is just another walk in the park for any seasoned golfer. During our spring break trip to Kiawah Island every day was a success as we continued to persevere through tough days, and thus scores continued to improve. But, our work is far from being finished. Beware, because just when you think you've got the game all figured out, golf will punish you for feeling too confident. It humbles even the greatest of players. Generally speaking there is more defeat rather than victory in golf. In a vast field of competitors there is only one winner in a tournament. Demonstrating unrelenting determination to excel is what separates your "average Jane" golfers from the Loyola Ramblers.

I want to be the best golfer I can be, and I can confidently say the same for my teammates. Golf is such an unusual sport because even though it is a team sport, you are the only one who has control over what you shoot. Your single score contributes to the success of the entire team. Beating someone in a mediocre round of golf is not satisfying. Personally, I want to beat someone when I'm playing my best while they are playing their best as well. We want to beat the best teams when we are collectively playing our best as a team. When this happens that is when I will know that we have climbed one step closer to that intangible perfection. We have a week and a half to prepare, train, and groom our swings before our next tournament at Southern Illinois University and we are yearning for that victory.

Golf is so addictive because we all strive to chase that elusive dream. Becoming discouraged after one poor round, or even a string of poor rounds does not define you as a golfer. Work ethic, passion, and commitment are just some of the many attributes that comprise a successful golfer. So, call me crazy but there is nothing in the world I'd rather be doing than golfing.

- Carey



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