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Women's Golf Blog #4: Carey Farley
Carey Farley and the Ramblers are headed to the Saluki Invitational this weekend.

March 20, 2013

In the down time that team has had between our spring break tournament and our first upcoming conference tournament of the spring, we have been able to efficiently prepare for any and all challenges that await us. With the weather permitting, we have been able to practice, putt, chip, and workout for the past week and a half. That being said, I'd like to take the opportunity to ensure that all you Rambler fans are ready for the journey on which we are about to embark. I think the best place to start this process is with a brief schooling session in English, math, and history. Class is now in session so please, no talking.

I'll begin with our English lesson. "It's time to let the big dogs eat". This simple metaphor carries more significance than its literal meaning. But, if you've ever owned a dog you know exactly how excited Fluffy gets when he hears that dinner bell ring. The excitement a golfer has stepping on to the first tee box before a tournament begins is exactly how Fluffy feels when he notices that the family is having sloppy joes for dinner. Just like there's no stopping the dog until he's finished devouring his food, we are not stopping until we win the Conference Championship. Just like a dog craves his food, this team craves getting back in to competition to have the opportunity to take home some hardware.

What you'll learn next is going to discredit everything your math teacher has ever taught you. Do not think about the number. Yes, the objective is shoot the lowest score possible, but golf is unpredictable. Imagine every shot separately as a fresh start. Your score on the previous hole and upcoming holes do not matter at this point. A round of golf is like a complicated math equation that you need to take apart piece by piece in order to solve it. It is a process, and there is no correct answer. The numbers will all come to together in the end.

Finally, we'll take a quick look at history. Last year our team was the runner-up for the Horizon League Championship title. That is not relevant now. We are an entirely different team now. We have completely evolved over the course of one year. Some of the world's greatest golfers have revolutionized their games in the same fashion. Every swing, every practice, every match and tournament has been a stepping-stone to where we are now. This is the season that we will make history.

With this in mind I think it's safe to say we are all prepared now for the tournament this weekend. Let's Go Ramblers! Class dismissed.

- Carey



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