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Women's Golf Blog #5: Carey Farley
Carey Farley and the Ramblers are getting ready for the IPFW Spring Invitational this weekend.

March 27, 2013

And on the first day of the Saluki Invitational the Lord said, "let there be wind, thunder, lightening, rain, sleet, snow, and hail". If you've ever dreamt of what playing golf in the tundra might feel like, we would be able to provide you with a vivid description of what that experience might entail. Needless to say, Mother Nature brought us some surprises over the weekend!

We were thrilled to have a beautiful afternoon on Saturday during our practice round. Finally having the opportunity to play on real grass was a great feeling. Although, these conditions did not last for long. Despite the fact that it was overcast and windy, we arrived at the course with smiling faces on the first day of the tournament. After warming up and practicing on the range it began to drizzle slightly. With a low roll of thunder in the distance we headed out to our first hole to begin the tournament. Right on cue came large pea sized hail perfectly mixed with a concoction of sleet to ensure you became immediately soaked while enjoying being pelted with little ice balls.

Sounds miserable, right? Okay, I'll be the first to admit that these conditions were far from ideal, but that does not mean it was miserable in the least. If you recall those smiles we had on our faces at the beginning of the day, we all still had those beaming grins throughout our time on the course. Having a positive attitude through inclement weather automatically eliminates 90% of the competition. Being a participant in a collegiate sport you realize that you do not have to play golf, you get to play golf. Every player is out there because she loves it and wants to be.

Even though the tournament was canceled in the end, we were fortunate enough to play at least one complete round. This coming Easter weekend we will be traveling to play in IPFW's tournament. Hopefully the weather cooperates, but no matter the conditions, course, or competition we will always keep those million dollar smiles! Have an eggcelent and hoppy Easter! Go Ramblers!

- Carey



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