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Women's Golf Blog #6: Carey Farley
Carey Farley and the Ramblers will compete at the Dolores Green Black Falcon Invitational next weekend in Bowling Green, Ohio.

April 4, 2013

Alas, we finally played golf! Through layers of Under Armour, hand warmers, hats, and gloves we battled against the competition and the elements in Fort Wayne over the weekend. With the conference championship tournament in sight, every day was a success as we continue to build our way to the top. Although, with galling winds and temperatures dropping as low as in the 20's, the conditions were not easy. I'm continually impressed with how this team handles the pressure during these circumstances. Carly Schneider, April Ohlendorf, and Bernice Sitompul all had highlight rounds shooting in the 70's!

The weekend was made especially memorable because our chaplain, Rich, was able to travel with us and watch us compete. On Saturday, Rich took our team to what he refers to as "The Super Bowl of all masses", or in layman's terms: the Easter Vigil Mass. It was a great team experience for us all as we continue to become fully rounded student athletes at Loyola. Rich also drove around the course on both days of the tournament with a golf cart loaded down with food and other treats to keep us smiling throughout the day.

Continuing with the spirit of Easter, I've reflected on the events of the weekend and focused on what I'm truly grateful for and what a Jesuit education means to me. Through chaotic holes, stressful tournaments, unpredictable weather and tough practices there has always been that one steadfast and concrete constant that I can rely on, and that is my team. One intimidating reoccurrence that I see this team face time and again is overcoming all sorts of adversities. Our most powerful tool for conquering these hardships is the support from each other and our coaches. To say that we are blessed with the coach we have is the understatement of the century. The most comforting feeling is knowing that he will always be there and nothing can change that. He embodies the spirit of a Jesuit education through his actions and teaches us lessons in every aspect of life. Being a member of this team is more than just a couple rounds of golf; everything we do together develops us as a whole.

This school is my home away from home and my team is my family. Golf fosters lasting relationships and we stick together no matter the circumstances. I know there will be challenges up the road, but I also know that I am a part of a family that is so strong that I have nothing to worry about. The next couple of weeks will test our golf ability and mental strength, but we are prepared to face any challenge on and off the course. We travel to Bowling Green in a week and a half so as our golf games improve hopefully the weather will follow suit! `Til next time, Go Ramblers!

- Carey



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