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Women's Golf Blog #8: Carey Farley
The Ramblers are preparing for the Loyola Invitational in Algonquin, Ill. this weekend.

April 17, 2013

Even though we did not play our best over the weekend, I am proud to report that we were the most resilient team in the field. During our practice round last Friday, we were 1 of 15 teams to finish all 18 holes. Other teams decided that staying in the warmth of the clubhouse was a better idea, but not the Loyola Ramblers! Like all of our rounds this spring, conditions consisted of 30-degree weather, galling winds, and the occasional hail/sleet combination. Although, we had beautiful weather during our final round on Sunday- and by beautiful weather I mean that it wasn't snowing or raining for once. April Ohlendorf, Carly Schneider, and Olivia Lindsley all had stellar rounds posting scores in the low 80's!

A golf season is a lot like assembling a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. After you've emptied the box and put all the pieces on the coffee table, the first step is to turn them over to understand what the picture will look like. When our spring season began, we acted in a similar fashion by slowly getting back into the swing of things to see how hard we needed to work to get our games back to their full potential. The next step in putting a puzzle together is usually to devise a plan and organize the pieces whether it be by shape, color, border or corner pieces. So, following the completion of our spring break trip, the team was essentially coordinated after a number of qualifying rounds and each girl knew her position for the remainder of the season. From there, the real test began.

I see every workout, practice, and tournament as a part of constructing this complicated puzzle. Completing a puzzle is not an easy task; it's labor intensive and each person needs to be willing to put in the time and energy. It requires thinking, strategy, leadership, dedication, and teamwork. Golf is game that is primarily played between your ears (aka, your brain if you're Van Gogh). The mental game is the most important piece of this jigsaw puzzle. Not only will you fail to complete the puzzle without it, but it is the keystone piece that solidifies the entire framework and structure. Collectively, we have all 1,000 pieces of our puzzle, but our keystone piece needs to be strengthened. The sheer notion of having confidence in yourself will always trump ability on the course. For example, Adam Scott is not the best putter, but when he sunk his 12-foot putt to win the Masters it was because he believed he could do it. When we finish this puzzle it will resemble a picture of our team hoisting the conference championship trophy over our heads in victory.

With this in mind, this weekend are we hosting the Loyola Invitational at the Golf Club of Illinois! We're excited to have family and friends come and watch us as we square off between other Horizon League teams and fortify our final puzzle piece to make an indestructible masterpiece. It will be a great indicator of where our team will stand amongst the competition before we head to Florida for the conference championship! We hope to see you this weekend. Let's go Ramblers!

- Carey



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