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Women's Golf Blog #9: Carey Farley
Carey Farley and the Ramblers will be in search of a Horizon League Championship this weekend.

April 24, 2013

With a victory safely in our pockets, I am very proud to report that the weekend was nothing short of a success! Confidence and attitudes are high, swings are coming together, and the excitement builds as we plan to leave for Florida this Wednesday. Over the weekend we battled against fellow Horizon League teams and were ultimately the champions of the Loyola Invitational. Additionally, April Ohlendorf was the medalist of the entire tournament! I speak for the entire team when I say "thank you" to everyone who helped run and plan the tournament and everyone who braved the cold and wind to support us as well. Having the support that we have from family members, friends, and fellow Ramblers means the world to us.

In light of the tragedy that occurred during the Boston Marathon last week, I'd like to take this opportunity to express our sympathy for all those affected by this horrible event. Training for months on end only to have the event sabotaged is devastating. I know we are far from marathon runners, but as fellow athletes we empathize with the runners, spectators, families and friends affected. I know that spectators are really appreciated as an athlete, especially in a sport such as golf considering it's not a typical spectators sport. I can't count the amount of times I've looked up on the course to see my parents hiding behind a tree or some obscure hazard as to not bother me, but it means so much to have them there for support for sometimes up to four, five, or six hours at a time!

Through good rounds, bad rounds, tough practices, and certain adversities off the course this team has had such a solid support system. As I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, we are a family and it's not just our team that makes up this family. Yes, it is comprised of my seven teammates but also our coaches, our chaplain, our trainers, family members, members of the LU athletic department and Rambler fans everywhere. As we head down to Florida for the conference championship we take with us this entire family even though they may not be physically present.

The conference championship is the most important tournament of the year. This is the one tournament where we bring every ounce of our talents to the course and leave no shot behind. The competition will be fierce, and the sheer fact that we are Ramblers means we can handle such intensity. Our chaplain Rich has inspired us to "feed the wolf inside" by thriving off each other's positive energy, great scores, and the excitement of the competitive atmosphere. Our desire to win is like a malignant disease. It manifests from within and won't stop until it has fully taken over the entire being. It won't stop until that final putt has dropped into the cup on the 18th green of the final round. We will strike every shot in between with conviction, passion, and determination to become the best in the Horizon League.

Please follow and pray for us as we play "Onward to Victory" this weekend. It's time to feed our wolf. LET'S GO RAMBLERS!

- Carey



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