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Women's Soccer Blog #1
Lindsay Fillingim

Hello Rambler fans!!

I  would like to welcome everyone to the very first blog of our 2012 season!  To get everyone feeling more acquainted with how we run things on the LUC Women’s Soccer team, I’ll start this blog off the way we start practice.

The first thing we do is have our freshmen come to the middle of the huddle and tell a joke.Luckily for you no freshmen will be telling the joke today.

Next, we bring the sophomores into the picture to tell us what exactly is going on at Loyola. Luckily this week we had Labor Day off,  so classes were cancelled on Monday.  Hope everyone enjoyed their day off!!

Third, the juniors fill us in on what happened this week in history.  On September 3, 1976 the Viking II, an unmanned US spacecraft, landed on Mars.

Finally, our seniors take stage and give us an inspiring quote for the day.  My favorite this year was delivered by Ana Michelini “You are beautiful no matter what they say”- Christina Aguilera.

Now that we have all the familiarities out of the way, we can get down to business. We have been playing for over a month now.  We have been working into getting into a routine and finding our team identity.  So far, we have had a rough start and our outcomes have yet to show how good we truly can be.  But, as Coach Bimbi always says “It’s a marathon.”  It just seems as though we haven’t been running at the right pace for the first few miles. 

Now we are at the first hydration station and we are re-gathering ourselves to turn this season around.  This weekend will be a great test to show where we can be in the near future.  The intensity is picking up and we are hungry to score some goals.  Be sure to stop by Hoyne field this Friday at 7:00 for our home opener against Yale and cheer us on to a victory!

Again I would like to personally thank everyone for their support of the women’s soccer team and Loyola Athletics!  Please stay tuned for a special treat in which I will introduce you all to the 2012 team!

--Lindsay Fillingim



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