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Women's Soccer Blog Entry #2: Tessa Daniels

Sept. 19, 2011


Hello Ramblers!

It has been a rough couple of weeks for the Loyola women’s soccer team. Unfortunately, we have lost our last four games. Last Thursday night, in our game versus DePaul, we let our clean sheet at home get away from us with a final score of 1-0. We had high hopes of redeeming ourselves that Sunday against Iowa State; however, we were unable to get the job done. As well as that following Wednesday against Northwestern with an ending result of 3-0, and also yesterday’s 2-0 loss to Northern Illinois.

With each loss we find ourselves getting into a pattern of last years’ season. This is the last place we want to go! We have remained confident, and have continued working hard at practice to stop this pattern, and get back to our goal this season of winning a Horizon League Championship.

Here’s a break down of each of the four games.


The DePaul Game

We arrived at Hoyne Field around 5:30, and had about 30 minutes to do individual things to get ourselves warmed up until our official warm-up began. The majority of our team plays our favorite juggling game called 3...2...1. The game begins with someone throwing the ball and shouting out the numbers either “3...2...1”, and that is how many touches that person has before they have to pass it to someone else, and so on and so forth until someone messes up. The objective of the game is to not spell out the particular word of that round. For example, the word could be “shoe”, and as soon as someone has messed up four times to spell the word “shoe” they must go into the middle of the juggling circle and act out their own impersonation of shoe. This particular game Coach Kirsten decided to try it out for the first time. She struggled with the rules at first, but eventually caught on.

As soon as the game began, we knew we would have to bring our best performance. We gave up an early goal about 30 minutes into the first half. The rest of the game was constantly back-and-forth, which kept our backline on their toes. We were able to shut them down the rest of the contest, but were unable to put the ball in the back of their net.

Although we lost, we remained in high spirits. The important thing is we never stopped battling during the game. We know we need to be able to capitalize in the final third.


The Iowa State and Northwestern Game

Last Saturday, we traveled six hours to Iowa in hopes of redeeming ourselves from our loss to DePaul earlier that week. We practiced that night and then went out for a delicious Italian dinner before heading back to the hotel. Most of us went to our rooms and did some homework, but some of our teammates including Kristin Papierski, Katie Groesch, Sally Tashjian, and Sam Welcher went around the hotel taking a photo shoot of Allison Shimer’s stuffed animals Unie and Elliot.

Here’s a picture so you can see for yourself!

The next day was gameday.  Unfortunately, the game did not go as we had planned. We were a mess all over the field. As soon as they scored their first goal about 30 minutes into the match, all of our principles went out the window. Iowa State was a very good team, but we made it easy on them.

Not even a week later, we played Northwestern at their home field. Something that Coach Bimbi said after the game really stuck to me. He knows the heart is there because we battled the entire game, but we just need to start playing better. He has faith in us we can do it. We all need to start having that faith!


The Northern Illinois Game

Yesterday, we departed from Loyola around 9:30 a.m. and arrived at NIU around 11:15. We all huddled in the locker room for a while, and then took the field about 45 minutes later. We had high hopes to win this game, but they simply wanted it more. They played with an urgency to win, and we struggled to get a shot off, as well as keep them out of our net.

These four losses we obviously did not want to happen, but we are continuing to work hard at practice and remain positive in successfully reaching our goal of a Horizon League Championship.

Our next game is on the road versus Texas A&M. We will prepare for a victory!


Until next time,

Tessa Daniels 



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