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Women's Soccer Blog Entry #5: Sally Tashjian
Sally Tashjian closes out the 2011 season in her final blog post.

Nov. 7, 2011

CHICAGO - Hello again Ramblers,

The last week for the women's soccer team was a great one as we prepared for our final two matches.

The first game was against Youngstown State from the state of Ohio. This game was particularly special because we were celebrating our seniors, Katie Groesch, Katie Osberg, and Lauren Osterello on Senior Day. After a scoreless first half, Allison Rydberg attained the ball in the center of the field and got an amazing strike off, with the ball ending in the back of the net. This goal put us ahead 1-0 with only 17 minutes left to play. Although we were not playing the prettiest soccer, we kept the ball, defended as a unit, and managed to take the win.

The next game was away at Butler in Indianapolis, Indiana. We came out with nothing to lose, looking for a win in our last game of the season. Only nine short minutes into the game, Valerie Gonyo finished off a free kick to set the game at 1-0. Then, with ten minutes left of the first half, a beautiful ball was sent over the Bulldogs defensive line, where Ana Claudia Michelini connected and tapped the ball over the head of the goalkeeper, making the game 2-0. In the second half, the Bulldogs managed a goal from their forward, Elise Kotsakis, who ironically played for my home club team. Our defense tightened up and we created a few more opportunities to score, but the game ended 2-1, Ramblers.

With this blog being the last of the season, I thought I'd mix it up a bit and hit you all with a little poem.

Up at 6, before any sign of light. We do this cus' we love it, right? To the gym, a silent walk, It's far too early to want to talk.

Uniforms on and water bottles filled, Waiting for the 155, our bones are chilled. From the bus to Hoyne field we scuff along, Knowing the day will feel extra long.

Cleats and shinnies taped and tied, Thanking God it's not a fitness day, inside. Starting quick with a jog and stretch, While we listen to bio review from Groesch.

Barry calls us in and after he spoke, The freshies deliver an offensive blonde joke. The sophomores follow with the daily school event, Then history of the day is what a junior presents.

It's up to the seniors for a theme of the day, No matter how ridiculous, we do what they say. Then the jokes are over n' done and its' time to go, Friends are now competition n' will be treated as so.

We fight n' argue, push, shove n' pull hair, We scratch n' tackle, insist that that goal was unfair. We cheer, scream, encourage, then "boo" the coaches rule, But with a sharp look from Barry, you're silenced like a fool.

We trash talk n' gloat, only if we have won, The other team is pissed, but it's all in good fun. Walk off the field, scratched with knees black n' blue, But soon as it's over, we're back to a loving crew.

Since the fourth of August we've had this same routine, But since then to now, we've grown into a clutch team. Through attitudes and changes, injuries and quarrels, Lost balls, fitness tests, n' surprisingly brave squirrels. (haha Jenny Martin)

The end of season is sorta bitter sweet in a way, We now have time to sleep and think, but miss playing everyday. We've gained memories and inside jokes that we'll take with us to heaven, We formed a family with great new coaches, in the season of '11.



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