Softball Blog #2: Katy LaCivita
Katy LaCivita and her Rambler teammates open the 2013 season on Feb. 22

Feb. 13, 2013

Only nine days remain until our first game of the season against Rhode Island and that is literally all this team has been talking about since coming back for the second semester. We are pumped up and ready to go! Our defense looks sharp, our bats are heating up, our pitchers are throwing some real stinky cheese, and in nine days we will "Come Back Untouchable."

"Come Back Untouchable" is the new motto for Loyola Softball. Before practice and camp last Sunday, Coach B, Coach Tylka, and Coach Pauly sat us down in the conference room and passed out black wristbands with the words "COME BACK UNTOUCHABLE" on one side, and "ONWARD TO VICTORY!" on the other side. "Onward to Victory" is the slogan for the entire athletics program here at Loyola, but "Come Back Untouchable" is something the softball team has taken as its own. It means that every time you fail, you look deep inside yourself, and the next chance you get, you come back stronger and better than before. It means that you have to learn from your mistakes and failures. If you strike out, your next at bat needs to be the at bat of a lifetime. If we lose a game, we need to own that next game and refuse to be beaten. You come back UNTOUCHABLE. It is a mindset that every player needs to have.

These black wristbands have become a part of our uniform. We wear them constantly, even when we aren't playing softball. Most of us don't even take them off to shower or sleep! We are very proud to be wearing them and we want it to show on the field that we really do play by their meaning. Not every at bat will be successful, not every inning will be flawless, and not every game will be played to perfection. But by "Coming Back Untouchable," we do not need to play perfect softball. We need to have it in our heads that we can come back from and overcome any obstacles that stand in our way.

Wish us luck as we start our 2013 season!!



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