Softball Blog #4: Katy LaCivita
Katy LaCivita and her teammates went 9-4 on their spring break to Florida

March 11, 2013

The first day back from a long trip is always the hardest. We're all tired, sore, and super sun burnt! Getting through class Monday wasn't easy, but we all made it through although I think a lot of us are going through Florida withdrawals because coming back to this rainy, snowy, cold Chicago weather is not ideal whatsoever. The palm trees, sunshine, 75-degree weather, and playing softball with no long sleeves was an amazing way to spend our spring break, not to mention coming home with 9 wins and only 4 losses, which makes us feel pretty good. Everyone came to play this week and although by the end we all felt dead, we pushed through and were able to get a little four-game winning streak going.

We started a little rocky and inconsistent, making errors in key situations, not coming up with timely hits, in essence, just not playing Rambler softball. We found ways to make it click though and we started to have more fun than any other team we played and what happened? We played better, our communication improved, we hit the ball harder, and we started to win more consistently. There were a lot of good things that happened as the week went on. Our infield improved immensely from the start of the week, each of our four pitchers recorded at least one win, and we set some goals for ourselves before each game and we started to reach them every time. We got a little better every day and that is what we plan on doing the rest of the season. Ever since we started playing softball when we were little kids we have been told to have fun. That is still the No. 1 rule, even in college. If we have fun, good things will happen!

The week was filled with excitement and fun, but one of the best things that happened in Clearwater was Brooke Andresen breaking the Loyola career hits record on a ground-rule double against Providence. We all knew that she was one hit away and we were just waiting for it to happen and when it did, our dugout erupted. Players went crazy, parents went crazy, the other team was probably real confused about why we were so happy about a double. It was an awesome moment to be a Rambler! I played with Brooke in high school when she was our senior leader and I was just a little baby freshman who was scared out of her shoes. Brooke taught me more about the game in one season than she will ever know. The great thing about her is that, yes she is a great hitter, but more important than that is her heart and passion for the game. She will never let her struggles get to her. She refuses to get beat and if she does, she won't let it happen again. And now, I'm a freshman again and she's the senior leader. I still learn from her every day, just like I did in high school. Thanks for being a great role model, Brooke!

It is safe to say that Florida was a blast, but we need to get ready for the Fighting Illini Invitational this upcoming weekend. We are looking to come back to Chicago with five wins, no less. We depart Loyola at 1:30 on Thursday! Onward LU!



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