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Women's Volleyball Blog Entry: Cariann Soukal
Sophomore Cariann Soukal outlines an average week during midterms in this blog entry

Oct. 3, 2011

Do you ever get the feeling when you have been extremely busy and you accomplish so much, and then your mouth drops when you realize, "Holy cow! It has only been one month of school!?" After this week I am definitely feeling it, especially because this past week I have been preparing for midterms (yes that's right, MIDTERMS!) and extending my hours of studying late into the night at the IC.

As if just going to classes, going to practice, lifting, finding time to eat, keeping in touch with family and old friends, staying social, and then doing daily reading and homework is not enough...right? I feel so 'college' having to drink multiple cups of coffee a day and feeling the need to take power naps in between classes and practice and then again in between reading assignments. I know I am not alone in this because I see tons of other Loyola students at the IC as late as I am, tons of students waiting in the incredibly long café lines for their 2nd and 3rd cups of coffee, and I even see people taking their own power naps in the comfy chairs in the IC facing the lake.

But still, when I get past the exhaustion and my assignments are all complete, and volleyball is done for the day I am stunned that classes started August 29 and this past Thursday was only September 29. I have learned and accomplished so much in school and in volleyball since I have been back at Loyola, yet it has only been four weeks! Weeks that sometimes seem never-ending because the days are so jam packed with activities! I know a lot of readers are going to be able to relate with this feeling, and so I thought I might include things that help me get through some of these really long days.

I think everyone could agree that Mondays are just awful and that one out of seven bad or just rough days is pretty tolerable. Luckily on Tuesdays and Thursdays I only have one class on the downtown campus and it does not start until 10 a.m. I normally try to dress in nice clothes, or just anything that is not athletic gear, on these days because there are a lot of fancy business people downtown. I also like to make a really big breakfast in my room on these mornings before getting on the shuttle to start off my day. These things make me feel fresh and relaxed so that I do not have to be frantic and hungry knowing that I have a long day ahead. Wednesdays mark the halfway point in the week and so I am already looking forward to Friday, which of course is everyone's favorite day because its leading up to the weekend, which for me is filled with volleyball games, traveling, and family time.

I personally recommend to anyone that struggles on any given day to go work out, get the endorphins going, or if all else fails call your mom because she will always know what to say to make you feel better. Playing volleyball and working out with my team everyday and making sure I keep in touch with my family really helps me stay sane, especially during mid terms, when a lot of my focus and time is spent on academics.

It's hard to believe all that you can do in one month, but I think that a key in accomplishing a lot while being busy comes from taking each day at a time. It is not easy and it is super stressful, but planning ahead, getting into a routine, and staying balanced with academics, athletics, and social interactions will make things a little easier or at least more enjoyable - at least these things work for me. I hope you liked this tidbit of a Dr. Phil session, and that you can be like Nike and Just Do It! Trust me, college students like us do a lot, but we don't get things done by wasting away a whole month.



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